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Software Engineer & Web Developer


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Name: Dina Taklit

Born: 06 Decemeber 1995

Degree: Computer Science and software engineer

Email: ez_taklit@esi.dz

About me

1 Hello, I am
2 Software Engineer & web developer.
3 Currently working as front end web developer which is where my passion for development and design converge.
4 There’s nothing I enjoy more than coding, searching, solving errors.
5 I'm positive person, naturally curious, and hardly working to improve my soft and technical skills.
6 I’ve spent many times trying to perfect what I do and while I’ll never be perfect, I do my best to come close.
7 In addition to my coding life, I spend time cooking and doing house working, organizing events, managing fb pages and groups, discovering new cultures and languges, reading books, singing at Sumle, hand crafiting or drawing and sometimes writing stories and poem.
8 Got any questions? Contact me.



  • Ecole nationale Superieure d'Informatique (ESI)

    Engineer's degreeField Of StudyComputer Science and Software engineeringGradeEngineer


  • Udacity

    Data Science, Artificial Inteligence, Full stack Developement


  • Edyoda Digital University

    Front End Web development - Trainee - Infromation Technology



  • Web Developent Internship

    ATM Mobilis, Alger, Algeria

    Jul 2017 - Aug 2017, 2mos

    Develop web application for Recovery and pointing management system

    Key words: Laravel, web application, framework, modelization, authentification, authorization, access management, real-time notifaction, dahsbord

  • Graduation Internship


    Aug 2018 - Jul 2019, 1yr

    Propose a model to predict loop unrolling factor in Tiramisu compiler.

    Key words: Loop Unrolling, Optimization, Tiramisu Compiler, Domaine Specific Language,Model, Deep Neural Network, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Research

  • Web Developer

    Self Employed

    Nov 2019 - Present, 1yr

    Devloper web apps, landing pages and wordpress websites

    Key words: Landing pages, Static pages, web apps, Wordpress

  • Volunteer Tutor for Full Stack track

    One Million Arab Coders, Online

    Aug 2020 - Present, 3mos

    Volunteer "Tutor" for the Full Stack track in >One Million Arab Coders initiative. The aim is to make an impact and transform lives by supporting thousands of students through the 1MAC community to achieve their dreams by learning technology.

    Key words: Web Developement, Full stack web developement, tutor, teaching

My Skills

Soft Skill

Team Work
Friendly Personality
Analytical Thinking
Self Determined

Where Do I Learn?

I learn from those reouces and every other good resources

My Certificates

Here is some of my certificates. I do not believe a lot in certificates but I add them here just to show that the pathway of success is paved with a lot of hard working.

Full Stack
Data Science
Artificiel Inteligence
Bootstrap & JQuery
Web Design
Responsive Design
Java Script
Web Developement

My Portfolio

Bootstrap Business Website

Bootstrap Business Website

This is a business portfolio for private school made with bootstrap.

html, css, js, bootstrap, sass, jquery, git

Pure Html,Css Agency Template

Landing Page

Agency landing page made with pure html & css.

html, css, js, git

Bootstrap Painting Template

Bootstrap painting Landing Page

Landing page made with bootstrap and the power of flex box and grid layout.

html, css, js, bootstrap 4, git

Bootstrap CV Template

Bootstrap CV Template

This is a cv template made with bootstrap.

html, css, bootstrap

Html,Css Lnading page

Pure Html, Css Landing Page

This is an awesome landing page made with pure html, css code.

html, css

My first Portfolio

Bootstrap Portfolio

That was my first portfolio made with bootstrap

html, css, js, bootstrap, git

Html, Css Store Template

Pure Html,Css Store Template

This store landing page template made with pure html, css.

html, css, git

Wordpress Website

Wordpress Club Website

This website made for Dz inventors Club .

html, css, js

Laravel Ecomerce Website UI

Redesign Website' UI

The new UI was rebuild with bootstrap, css , laravel blade. We where a team of 02 memeber working under agile methode.

html, css, js, bootstrap, laravel blade, laravel, Agile, git, Team Work

My Pens

Here is some of my pens find out more here in my pen codepen.io/DinaTAKLI

See the Pen by Dina TAKLIT (@DinaTAKLIT) on CodePen.

See the Pen by Dina TAKLIT (@DinaTAKLIT) on CodePen.

See the Pen by Dina TAKLIT (@DinaTAKLIT) on CodePen.

See the Pen by Dina TAKLIT (@DinaTAKLIT) on CodePen.

See the Pen by Dina TAKLIT (@DinaTAKLIT) on CodePen.

See the Pen by Dina TAKLIT (@DinaTAKLIT) on CodePen.

My Social Activities

I am

event organizer